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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Featured in New BBC Documentary

Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the subject of a new BBC documentary entitled The Kennedy Who Changed the World.

President Bill Clinton, Special Olympics Global Ambassador Nicole Scherzinger and members of the Kennedy family reveal how Eunice Kennedy Shriver dedicated her life to changing the lives of millions of people with intellectual disabilities through the power of sport. Narrated by BBC Sport personality Clare Balding, the documentary explores how John F Kennedy’s sister Eunice brought the Special Olympics to life, delivering joy and hope to some of the most disadvantaged and discriminated against people in the world. This programme tells Eunice’s story and also meets some of the athletes from the UK, USA, Ireland and Tanzania who have changed their lives with the help of Special Olympics—ahead of the latest World Games which takes place in Abu Dhabi from 14th March. Thanks to her tireless work in making the Special Olympics a global success, now 50 years on the movement helps 5.2 million athletes in 174 countries.

The Kennedy Who Changed the World will be available on BBC iPlayer from 2nd March and will be on BBC Two on the 12th March at 11.15pm.

The Kennedy Who Changed the World promo

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