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Special Olympics Chile Wins Big in First-Ever Unified eSports Tournament Held in Latin America

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For the first time ever in Latin America, gamers with intellectual disabilities played alongside influencers, athletes and professional gamers in a Unified eSports tournament held on 30 July 2020 as a fundraiser for Special Olympics Chile. The teams competed in two FIFA 20 matches and attracted media, sponsor and influencer attention.

The groundbreaking event, which featured a sign language interpreter, was watched by more than 37,000 people simultaneously on YouTube, Twitch and Tik Tok (a number equivalent to the third largest stadium in the Chile). Thanks to donations from viewers and organizations such as ASUS Republic of Gamers, HardwareX, Entel and the Andrés Bello University, Special Olympics Chile raised more than $28,000.

1st #eSportsInclusivo Tournament: people with and without intellectual disabilities in #FIFA20

Special Olympics Chile President Carolina Picasso expressed her excitement about the success of the event. “All our gratitude to the people, media and entities that supported the initiative, to the thousands of users who accompanied us, to the talent of the casters and entertainers and of course, to the teams of gamers, influencers and athletes for their efforts and passion. It has demonstrated, once again, that inclusion is an objective in which we all have much to contribute.”

“I am very happy to be here. Long live inclusion!" Even though actor Stefan Kramer’s team was defeated in the first round, he was happy to participate in a Unified eSports competition. "It is a moment of sharing, of all of us being one.”


(Winning Team)
Caterina Moretti - Influencer with Down syndrome
Iván Flores - Professional gamer
Marco Grimalt - Volleyball player

Gonzalo Escobar - Special Olympics snowboarder
Rocío Soto - Professional soccer player
Sensual Spiderman - Influencer

Leonardo Rivas - Special Olympics soccer player
Rafaella Duran - Professional gamer
Ranty - Influencer
Stefan Kramer - Actor and comedian

Ignacia Antonia - Influencer
Sebastián Medina - professional Gamer
Thomas Heyl - Special Olympics tennis player

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