North Carolina

Max Cerver and Greg Kozlowski in an office. Greg is pointing at something off camera.
Teen Wolf star Max Carver visits Special Olympics athletes and employees in Southern California headquarters Long Beach, California.
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Unified Basketball team on the court in a row for a group photo.
This diverse group of accomplished athletes—including four individuals competing in Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019—will tip-off in an inclusive game with NBA and WNBA legends and players on February 15.
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“Special Olympics at 50” exhibit at the National Museum of American History celebrates diversity and inclusion in sports
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Seeing Clearly Union County Athlete Receives Glasses for the First Time.jpg
Suffering from headaches and often squinting to see better, it was clear Crawford needed to get his eyes checked.
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Athletes enjoyed Olympic town and a 50 balloon release in honor of the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics. Learn about their record.
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