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Carmelo Sandiego, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Carmelo Sandiego

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Carmelo Sandiego is an athlete from Special Olympics Philippines in the Asia Pacific Region. Carmelo started playing badminton and has transitioned to various sports such as basketball and powerlifting. He has been involved in Special Olympics since 2006.

Carmelo’s favorite part about Special Olympics is being able to be part of their various programs that discuss diversity and inclusion.

Carmelo is excited for the congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to meeting new people.

Carmelo is employed as a Human Resources Senior Professional in a financial firm where he is a recruiter. He is also in the process of thinking about being an entrepreneur someday, as well as venturing into hydroponics, and building his own activewear line. When Carmelo isn’t working or competing, he enjoys cooking and baking. Carmelo is also planning to develop his interests in fitness and entrepreneurship and loves learning anything about new things.

Carmelo says that being an athlete leader means leading and guiding aspiring athletes to be the best versions of themselves.

Project Description

Carmelo’s grant plan is to host a webinar for business owners which will focus on hiring people with disabilities. This will allow them to share their respective views on having people with disabilities join their workforces and its benefits. Carmelo also aims for merchandise designed by Special Olympics to be sold that include messages which promote inclusion. This will be a way for athletes to showcase their abilities.

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