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Pauline Paul, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Pauline Paul

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Pauline Paul is an athlete from Special Olympics Papua New Guinea in the Asia Pacific Region. Pauline participates in football. She has been involved in Special Olympics since 2019.

Pauline’s favorite parts about Special Olympics are being part of the different programs that Special Olympics has, especially the youth programs. She enjoys being involved in youth projects. Pauline also enjoys going to school visits with Special Olympics as well as making new friends.

Pauline is excited for the congress in Berlin. She is looking forward to meeting council members from other Special Olympics programs and listening to their stories about what they have done in their program. Pauline is also excited to meet other athlete leaders and tell them about the projects she has been working on.

Pauline is employed as a causal staff at the Special Olympics Papua New Guinea office. Her roles there include basic administration tasks such as organizing receipts, filing, printing documents, stapling papers, and basic housekeeping duties such as making sure things in the office are tidy and in order. When Pauline isn’t working or competing, she enjoys playing sports, drawing, arts and crafts, cooking, and volunteering for Special Olympics organized activities. Pauline is also in school where she is in grade 9 at a local education program called Flexible Open Learning Education.

Pauline says that being an athlete leader means that she must be an agent of change in her community. She feels that a lot of people do not understand people like her and her fellow athletes. To Pauline, being an athlete leader means being involved in meaningful roles such as leading projects which help people to understand what she is able to do as an athlete leader with her talents and abilities.

Project Description

Pauline’s grant plan is to promote inclusion by increasing awareness on classroom bullying in six selected schools. Athlete leaders deliver speeches on their experience with bullying as well as how to stop it thus creating a safe place for people of all abilities. This project also includes playing unified games in school.

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