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A lead image with the word "Research" and a photo of a three students speaking with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Through our research, the Global Center will build a knowledge base to understand the impact of high-quality inclusive sport and education.

Our Goals

Learn how inclusive mindsets can be developed
Elevate scholarly work among global policymakers
Evaluate best practices in Unified Champion Schools
Share research on inclusion in education and sport
The cover of a case study, include a photo of two athletes celebrating
In this brief, we outline research findings demonstrating that Unified Champion Schools programming has clear and positive effects on the academic achievements and social-emotional development of students both with and without disabilities.

About the Research Collaborative

The Research Collaborative serves as the expert research advisory body for the Global Center. Their work will inspire family and community engagement, inform programmatic implementation, and advance government partnerships to galvanize support for inclusion in education worldwide.

We will look specifically at the impact of inclusive programming on youth with and without intellectual disabilities. Its first task is to identify questions across relevant disciplines to build awareness of the research evidence base for global policy action in support of inclusive education.

Meet the Research Collaborative Steering Committee

Assistant Professor of Psychology, NYU Abu Dhabi
Gerald S. Lesser Professor in Early Childhood Development, Director of EASEL Lab, Harvard University
Emeritus Professor of Developmental Disabilities, Ulster University
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy

Partnerships for Inclusion

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