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A group of three young mean pose for a photo. The background of the image says "Youth Innovation Project Library"
Looking for inspiration? Our Youth Leaders have designed and completed over 580 projects around the world, involving everything from sports to advocacy to art. Explore the project profiles to see how young people are transforming the world to be more inclusive, one community at a time.


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Ilitay aims to make the digital world more accessible to all through conducting training seminars for Special Olympics athletes and other youth.
Through their project, Kamile and Povilas hope to inform and educate young people in their community on healthy eating habits.
Jennifer aims to create Unified floorball sporting opportunities in her community.
Banda and Mambayo hope to make virtual spaces more accessible to all young people with and without disabilities through conducting a series of workshops.
Ava aims to get more young people in her community involved in Special Olympics and engage them in Unified Sports events as well as improve their digital literacy.
Paisley and Radoslava are aiming to bring together young people in their community through a Unified gaming event.
Maddie aims to recognize Special Olympics athletes in her community through hosting an award ceremony.
Jazzman and Breanna are organizing an inclusive picnic in their community to bring together young people with and without intellectual disabilities.
Raedian aims to unify Special Olympics athletes and expand Unified Sports programming in Dominica through his project by hosting several Unified Sports events.
Austin is hosting Unified Sports events as well as forum discussions to educate his community and familiarize them with ID.
Javardo aims to increase Unified Sports opportunities in his program through this project.
Ejahye is executing Unified Sports events to increase this sort of programming in her community.

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