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Looking for inspiration? Our Youth Leaders have designed and completed over 580 projects around the world, involving everything from sports to advocacy to art. Explore the project profiles to see how young people are transforming the world to be more inclusive, one community at a time.


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Isa and Abdul Rahman want to teach young people technical skills to help them in the workforce.
Benjamin and Ituau are planning a project to improve the literacy skills of young people with and without intellectual disabilities.
Epifania and Jarred are providing women and girls the opportunity to become independent and develop skills to generate their own source of income.
Nina and Rubina are developing accessible learning materials for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to use to learn how to ski.
Orgen is a Special Olympics Albania Youth Leader and he is hosting an event called Inclusion Cup at his local school.
Vita and Savaliga are empowering Youth Leaders to become financially independent through hosting entrepreneurship trainings.
Lujin and Laila, Youth Leaders from Special Olympics Egypt, will promote in inclusion by hosting Special Olympics workshops at schools across the region.
Lumka and Sindiswa want to recruit more athletes and Youth Leaders to Special Olympics by hosting a Unified Recreation Day.
Eltheo and Charl's are empowering more woman to get involved in Unified Sports by creating an all female football league.
Jenna and Benji want to address the lack of family and sibling involvement in the Special Olympics Namibia.
Pelinsu will unite members of her community, students and athletes, who attend several Unified Schools in her region through Unified sporting events.
Dávid and Sára are organizing a Unified Sports informational event where they will inform their community members, specifically families of youth with ID, on the types of Unified sports they can get involved in.

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