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Kiera Byland, Special Olympics Health Messenger and Global Athlete Leadership Council

Kiera Byland

Global Athlete Leadership Council

Kiera Byland BEM is 24 years old, and she has been a Special Olympics Great Britain athlete since 2014. Kiera has Rubenstein’s Taybi Syndrome and a learning disability; despite these, Kiera has been able to achieve so many wonderful things. She is a true leader and ambassador for inclusion.

Kiera has won 6 Gold medals for Cycling at the 2015 and 2019 Special Olympics World Games. She also enjoys competing as a Special Olympics Athlete both locally and nationally in Swimming and Horse Riding.

In 2021 Kiera had the immense pleasure of being placed on the Queen’s Birthday Honors list and was awarded the British Empire medal for her services to sport.

In 2021 Kiera completed college, receiving diplomas and certificates in in Sport, Marketing, and Business Enterprise. She also has a Level 2 British Cycling qualification, she is a Bikeability Level 1, 2 & 3 instructor, and has a Level 2 ASA swimming teaching qualification. Kiera really enjoys teaching children and young people both with and without intellectual disabilities to learn to ride. Kiera also teaches children to swim.

Kiera is truly an inspiration not only to her peers but to children and adults alike. She is a fantastic trainer, and the children love her. In addition to being vice chair of SOGB Athlete Leadership Team and a Board member of SOGB, she is the current chair SOEE ALC, vice chair of the GALC, a global health messenger and most recently became a SO Athlete Consultant. Kiera loves every single role she has been offered. Her passion is to inspire and motivate others with an intellectual disability to have a dream and achieve it through hard work and sheer determination.

Global Athlete Leadership Council


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