Inclusion in Action

Every day we are celebrating Special Olympics champions of inclusion—with heartfelt insights from schools to playing fields, all around the world. Check back for new videos and stories showing what inclusion looks like and feels like, proving we are all better together!
Play, Live, Learn Unified
Unified isn't just fun—it's awesome fun! Be part of an inclusive world that brings together people of ALL abilities.
The Inclusion Manifesto … Goes to School
Young people around the world are teaming up and raising their voices for a more inclusive world. Take the Inclusion Pledge. Why? Because we are better together!
Building Friendships, One Game at a Time
By playing together, we quickly build bridges to acceptance and understanding. This is how we are building a more welcoming world—for all!
We Are the Peacemakers
Special Olympics Founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver said it best, "Come to our world—where we are free: Free to choose our friends...for we are the peacemakers." Join this peaceful revolution. Sign the Inclusion Pledge!
Inclusion Manifesto
It's time to end discrimination of people with intellectual disabilities! Sign the Inclusion Pledge—and join celebrities and Special Olympics athletes and teammates who believe in its unifying power.
Grace & Matthew
"There's just something about unified..." Unified Sports is just one way we are bringing our communities together, but it can't end there! Sign the Inclusion Pledge and be part of this joyful revolution!
Unified Is a Life Skill
Through inclusion, young people around the world are learning how celebrating ALL abilities makes the world a better place for everyone. As you'll see, we are better...together.
Britney Takes the Lead
Britney was bullied at a young age—but through inclusion, she has found her place. Now, she's working to bring the unifying power of Special Olympics sports to young people in her community. They are part of the first unified generation!
What Does Inclusion Look Like?
“Inclusion teaches everyone love and kindness and empathy.” Join us—and make the world a better place!
Tajha & Loretta
When Tajha heard Loretta Claiborne's story, her whole world changed & she found a renewed purpose in her life. Today, Tajha is leading the #InclusionRevolution in her community!
Imagine an Inclusive World
We can see it: a generation of respect, of acceptance, of diversity. A generation that leads together—and learns together. This is how we can build an inclusive world … for all of us. Can you see it?
Kate & Emily
As best friends, Kate & Emily have changed each other’s lives … for the better. They are part of The Revolution Is Inclusion—and they are changing the world! Join Kate and Emily in creating a more inclusive, welcoming world for all!
As we move forward, we need to know you’re with us. Be a revolutionary and help end discrimination against people with Intellectual Disabilities.
Champions in Action
In 2019, Special Olympics held the largest, most inclusive World Games in our history. With nearly 7,000 athletes from 200 nations, the World Games in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates were also our most unified and diverse. Meet just a few of those athletes—from all seven regions of the world—and see their incredible stories:
Saleh is a United Arab Emirates athlete leader who is excited to welcome athletes from around the globe for the first Special Olympics World Games in the Middle East!
Aquiles Heredia
Aquiles' talent and dedication inspire his achieve the 'impossible!' He is an accomplished athlete, who has been training hard for his second Special Olympics World Games competition.
Xiang Li in a red athletic zip up.
Li Xiang has been changing attitudes about people with intellectual disabilities all his life. In China, people with intellectual disabilities can face stigma from the moment of diagnosis.
Abhishek Gogoi holding his bike with one hand and giving the peace sign with the other.
With his ambitious training runs, 18-year-old Abhishek has become a familiar sight around Guwahati, the largest city in northeast India.
Steven Dodd
Most people describe Steven as a leader first; then, as a multi-sport athlete, training hard in a new sport for the 2019 World Games!
Khadija Sy
Khadija is a role model, health volunteer and public speaker from Senegal. She’s also a Special Olympics athlete who has competed in both the 2011 World Games in Athens and the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles.
Brittany Tagliareni
Brittany didn't say her first word until she was 6; but these days, she communicates power and assurance—through sports.