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Sil Decraene

Cycling Subject Matter Expert - Belguim

Sil has been a volunteer with Special Olympics since 2014, where she started as a Delegation Assistant Liaison (DAL) at the European Summer Games in Antwerp. The following year, she was chosen to act as Team Belgium’s DAL at the 2015 World Summer Games in LA. After that event, Sil returned home to Belgium where she became an expert in GMS, running the Cycling competition during their National Games. Sil also does the same role at the SO Netherlands Regional Games, as well as assists in organizing the SO Europe-Eurasia Cycling Coach Seminar. She loves new experiences and is very grateful to have been selected as a SO Connect SME for the 2019 World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi, 2020 Sweden Winter Invitational in Ostersund/Are, and the upcoming 2022 World Winter Games in Kazan. Sil will also attend the 2023 World Summer Games in Berlin. She just bought a house, so gardening and renovating have become hobbies! She also volunteers for a group of people with ID who she used to share a house with. Sil also likes walking/hiking in nature, going to the theater, and her two guinea pigs.

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