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2021 Lessons Become 2022 Impact

What lessons did you learn in 2021 and how do you plan to implement those lessons in 2022 to make the world more inclusive?

Let’s begin with the lessons that I have learned this year.

There are four lessons, I hope the top four lessons will grab your attention.

1. I learned that I am a free spirited, life-long learner.

A group of people sit at computers and raise their arms for a picture.
My colleagues and I at United Airlines were waiting to listen to Stephanie’s presentation on Communication and Boundaries.

2. I learned to recognize others by listening and giving mutual support to them!

Two people listen to a third person read a script.
One of the highlights of the year was giving a wedding toast for my brother and sister-in-law.

3. I learned it is better to be humble and to do something for someone else.  My grandmother taught me that praying at breakfast is giving thanks to God and this helps me get a humble mindset each morning.

Two women embrace for a picture.
 My Grandmother came to celebrate my 27th birthday.

4. I learned to be more independent and now need to put it into practice because I want to create my adulthood!

Two women pose for a photo in front of a sign that has a quote from Vincent Van Gogh.
At the Van Gogh experience soaking in rich culture.

Here is how I will implement these four lessons for 2022 to make the world fully inclusive:

  • I will continue to be a lifelong learner and discover more ways to be an inclusive leader in Special Olympics.
  • I will embrace the practice of valuing all people that I encounter.  I want to understand people who have different backgrounds, as well as their joys and sorrows and help them through it.
  • I will be more attentive to conversations and direct thoughts that invite others to share their perspective.  Sometimes I like to talk about myself, and I want to get away from that behavior. It will provide personal growth and a disciplined mental perspective in my life. I will invite anyone to join me on this journey!
  • I will be more focused on building independence in areas like budgeting, transportation, cleaning, booking appointments and social norms. Understanding and accepting where I am at is a key to finding where I want to go.  This will lead up to eventually moving into my own condo to live independently.  The more I work on independence the more I can be an example of living life as a part of my community, included and contributing to our collective journey.

In summary, hopefully you can relate to this blog by being motivated to start thinking of ways to grow as a person and to show kindness and acceptance to others that you haven’t met before.

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