Athlete’s Perseverance Applauded in The Guardian Nigeria

Adedamola Roberts, 5 times Special Olympics Gold medallist in swimming, shared his thoughts on having a sense of purpose, identify and value in The Guardian Nigeria.
Adedamola and his sister Princess on stage at the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015 welcome ceremony.
Adedamola (left) with his sister Princess at the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015.

The following is an excerpt from the article titled Adedamola Roberts—A Pledge To Bravery published The Guardian: Nigeria.

What does it mean to live with Down Syndrome or any form of disability in Nigeria?

It is wishing that you are given a thought to seat at the table; it is hoping that when you show up at a place, no one is avoiding you; it is pretending to be okay when someone makes snide remarks; it is getting advice to seek spiritual help; it is the total disregard of your existence, and it is the blatant excuse from merited opportunities.

For families who have one or more children with special needs, they face even more stigmatisation from a society that prides itself as an enabling society for love. After all, “one-love keeps us [Nigerians] together.

Enters Damola Roberts.

Damola Roberts is Nigeria’s pride with 5 Olympics gold and one bronze medal in swimming.

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