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Special Olympics Athlete from India Shares Leadership Journey in The Playfield Magazine

Shrey Kadian stands next to with Dr. Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Board Chair and is taking a selfie.
Shrey Kadian poses with Dr. Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics Board Chair.

This is an excerpt of the article titled Special Shrey Sure Can published by The Playfield, 18 February, 2021, Issue 4, Page 18.

I want many more Shreys to get the opportunities I had. These days, I am motivated to reach out to parents and tell them how sport can change lives. I have attained respectability through success on the sporting arena. People who used to disrespect my parents now come up and apologise. They have realised I am neither an imbecile, nor a fool. Sport helped me overcome my shortcomings. I learn every day, I try every day.

As chairperson of SO’s National Athlete Input Council, Shrey strives to encourage people with intellectual disabilities and their parents to try and become achievers through sport. He is also putting together a team for the 2023 Summer Special Olympic Games.

Read the entire article on page 18.

Shrey Kadian, Global Athlete Leadership Council

Shrey Kadian, Special Olympics Global Athlete Leadership Council
Shrey Kadian is a softball gold medalist from the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015. As a 13-year veteran athlete from Special Olympics Bharat, Shrey has undertaken a variety of roles. Currently, he serves as Chairperson of the Program’s National Athlete Input Council. He also served as a member of Special Olympics Asia Pacific’s Regional Athlete Input Council from 2018 to 2019. Read more about Shrey Kadian.

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