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Youth Innovation Project Search

There are 98 results that match your search. There are 98 results that match your search.

Inclusion through Sport & Leisure in the Club

Lea and Lilli used Boccia to raise awareness and recruit new Youth Leaders to the movement!

CREArt Inclusion

Wendy and Gabriela educate youth in El Salvador to raise awareness about and sensitize their community to I.D.

SANUFIT (Health Nutrition Fitness)

Ndeye Bigue and Khady aim to promote health and fitness practices to educate and encourage young people in their community to take on healthy habits and implement them in their daily lives.

Unified Storytelling

Maria and Arianna hope through hosting events surrounding reading and storytelling, they can impart a love for literature and promote literacy within children in their community.

Advocating for Inclusion through Unified Sports

Eliya and Monica are hosting several Unified Sports events in their community to spread the message of inclusion.

Digitalizing the Movement

Banda and Mambayo hope to make virtual spaces more accessible to all young people with and without disabilities through conducting a series of workshops.

Promoting Awareness and Inclusion in Bermuda

Eden will host a Unified game night to bring together young people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Making Skiing Accessible to All

Nina and Rubina are developing accessible learning materials for youth with and without intellectual disabilities to use to learn how to ski.

Unified Award Ceremony

Maddie aims to recognize Special Olympics athletes in her community through hosting an award ceremony.

Athlete Problems in Barbados

Tiffany aims to increase employment opportunities for young people with disabilities in her community through conducting training sessions on various skillsets.