Charles Nyambe, Special Olympics Regional President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Africa

Charles Nyambe

Regional President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Africa

Charles Nyambe oversees program operations in 37 countries in Africa providing strategic direction and engagement with the public and private sector to raise awareness and gain support. He also leads fundraising efforts for the region.

Nyambe has been involved with the Special Olympics movement since 1998 when he was approached by Special Olympics Namibia to serve as a head coach for the program. He led SO Namibia to attend their first-ever World Summer Games in 1999 in North Carolina. After those World Summer Games, he was appointed as the National Director of Special Olympics Namibia in a volunteer capacity. In 2003, he led the first-ever Africa Youth Summit team to attend the World Summer Games in Ireland. In 2004, he was hired in a full-time capacity as Sports Manager for Special Olympics Africa. He was appointed as the Regional Director in 2009 and Senior Director in 2012. He served as Vice President of the Region in 2015 and was appointed president and managing director in 2017. His many accomplishments include winning the National Sports Administrator of the Year 2004 award from the National Sports Commission Awards, and being appointed Namibia National Olympic Committee Assistant National Trainer Facilitator for the World Scholar Athlete Games in New York, USA.

Before joining Special Olympics, Nyambe was appointed to serve on the International Schools accreditation team and also served as Basketball National Team head coach for both Zambia and Namibia. Nyambe currently lives in Windhoek, Namibia.

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