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Charles Nyambe, Special Olympics Regional President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Africa

Charles Nyambe

Regional President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Africa

Charles oversees program operations to 38 countries in Africa. He provides strategic direction for both the government and private sector officials to raise awareness and support the creation of partnerships.

Charles began his involvement with the Special Olympics movement in 1998 as a volunteer coach. In 2004, he was hired full-time as Sports Manager for Special Olympics Africa and promoted to Regional Director in 2009 and Senior Director in 2012. Charles then served as Vice President of the Region in 2015 and President and Managing Director in 2017.

A few highlights of Charles’ many accomplishments include qualifying as a FIBA International referee and winning the 2004 National Sports Administrator of the Year Award by the Namibian National Sports Commission. He was also appointed as a Namibia National Olympic Committee Assistant Trainer and served as a facilitator for the World Scholar Athlete Games in New York City.

In 2021, Charles was appointed to serve on the Global Board of Directors of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Later that year, the Namibian Sport Commission nominated him to receive the prestigious Lifetime National Award, the highest award of an individual for contributing to sport development in the country.

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