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2022 Coach Webinar Series Presented by Gallagher Webinar 1 Recap

Coach holding up an athlete. text reads: Sept 28 Week 1 Coaching Mixed Ability Athletes.

The first webinar of the 2022 Coach Webinar Series presented by Gallagher happened this week with amazing success! Hosted by Special Olympics Australia athlete leader Ruby Lawler, the webinar included insight from Special Olympics Singapore football coach Yuchi Huang and Special Olympics Massachusetts coach Christin Santiago. The webinar, which was focused on coaching athletes with mixed-ability levels, featured tips and best practices about how to coach and maximize the opportunity for mixed-ability athletes.

Yuchi spent time talking about the importance of proper athlete recruitment, as well as ensuring every athlete has a chance to take responsibility for their development and team leadership. He emphasized the importance of developing all skills regardless of ability level and the benefits of involving parents and guardians in training and competition.

Christin kicked off our second segment by chatting about a changing mindset she has observed within Special Olympics in the past decade. She has recognized a change in perspective from looking at participants as simply players to looking at them as athletes and a drive to provide them every opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed.

Christin also spoke about the importance of supporting athletes to mentally prepare for being an athlete.

“If you want to be an athlete, take the steps to think of yourself as an athlete.”
Christin Santiago, Coach, Special Olympics Massachusetts

Santiago mentioned a practice that she employs with her NFL-loving team. Prior to games, she expects the team to dress in suits and ties, just like their professional athlete idols. This, she feels, encourages them to see themselves as athletes and to mentally put themselves in the same space as those athletes they admire and emulate.

To catch up on the recording (available in multiple languages) and to find the resources mentioned in the webinar, visit the new Coach Webinar Series Dashboard. Recordings will also be available below and on our YouTube channel.

Watch our next webinar featuring athlete leaders Kiera Byland BEM, Angel Rios Santos, Boniface Kimeu, Joshua Agare, and Yang Yihong.

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