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Boniface Kimeu, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Boniface Kimeu

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Boniface Kimeu Mutua is an athlete from Special Olympics Kenya in the Africa Region. Boniface participates in football and has been involved in Special Olympics since 2012.

Boniface’s favorite part about Special Olympics is the opportunities that are given to athletes to explore their talents.

Boniface is excited for the Global Athlete Congress in Berlin and is looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new places, and making friends. He is excited to learn new things and is looking forward to having fun.

Boniface is employed as a businessman where he operates a shop in his town as well as practicing small-scale farming. When Boniface isn’t working or competing, he enjoys playing and coaching football, and drawing pictures. Outside of Special Olympics, Boniface does skill training and public speaking.

Boniface says that being an athlete leader means advocating for the rights of other Athletes and creating awareness and promoting inclusion in all areas of life.

Project Description

Boniface’s project focuses on increasing the number of athletes trained in leadership and skills. Through his project, Boniface has been actively training all schools and clubs, which are participating in Unified events within his Sub-Country, Kitui County, in Athlete Leadership. In doing so, Boniface has sought to increase the number of athletes in meaningful leadership roles inside Special Olympics. Additionally, Boniface has been collaborating with Special Olympics Kenya to mobilize and retrain some of the previous athlete leaders who are out of school. Boniface plans to further increase inclusion and understanding of the leadership potential people with IDD have and create more inclusive environments for people with IDD developing unified leaders.

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