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Sammy Kamande, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Sammy Kamande

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Sammy Kamande is an athlete from Special Olympics Kenya in the Africa Region who has been involved with Special Olympics since 2018. Sammy participates in cycling and athletics, with a particular involvement in the 100m run.

Sammy’s favorite part about Special Olympics is giving opportunities to those ‘forgotten’ about by the society.

Sammy is excited for the congress in Berlin and he is looking forward to the chance to meet new faces across the world. He is also excited about the chance to learn new knowledge and skills, as well as having an avenue to exercise leadership.

In his free time, Sammy enjoys drawing. Other hobbies include personal training and studying as well as working with youth from the Nairobi region

Sammy says that being an Athlete Leader means being able to influence others. He appreciates that he is in a position to champion the needs of fellow athletes.

Project Description

Sammy’s project focuses on conducting a one-day training in leadership and skills for athletes selected from five schools and clubs in Nairobi. In collaboration with Special Olympics Africa, Sammy plans to hold a virtual training on leadership and skills for the Athlete Leadership Council members of different East Africa Special Olympics programs. Sammy aspires to conduct an on-site visit for the trained schools and clubs in Nairobi to access the progress made and collect feedback. Sammy will also hold virtual meetings with each program as follow up on the trainings done earlier.

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