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Brightfield Shadi, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Brightfield Shadi

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Brightfield Shadi is an athlete from Special Olympics Botswana in the Africa Region who has been involved in Special Olympics since 2008 when he started participating in athletics. In addition to athletics, Brightfield also participates in soccer and volleyball.

Brightfield has been employed as an Assistant Secretary at Makolo Primary School since 2014. Outside of Special Olympics, Brightfield coaches volleyball and soccer at two primary schools in Serowe as well as assisting with the school HIV/AIDS program.

Brightfield is trained as a Global Messenger and Health Messenger while he also represents athletes as Vice Chair on the Africa Input Council. Brightfield is eager to learn and likes traveling and exploring the world.

Project Description

Brightfield’s project seeks to train 30 new Athlete Leaders together with Special Olympics Botswana Athlete Leader Programs Coordinator on basic Athlete Leader principles. Through this project, Brightfield hopes to establish input councils in two other regions in Botswana. He plans to work with the Executive Committee to place Athlete Leaders in major roles such as: Captains, Assistant Coaches or Trainer in their schools and regional programs. He desires to have Regional Committees in which Athletes are key figures. Brightfield plans to create situations for athletes to be visible at all Special Olympics Botswana events and work very closely with youth leaders in various regions.

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