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Hippolyte Koubassare, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Hippolyte Koubassare

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Hippolyte Koubassare is an athlete from Special Olympics Burkina in the Africa Region who has been involved with Special Olympics since 2014. Hippolyte participates in judo.

Hippolyte has many favorite parts about Special Olympics, including advocating for people with intellectual disabilities through awareness campaigns. He enjoys youth leadership activities such as hosting meetings as well as being a moderator (MC) of Special Olympics events and helping to change the view of the world of many athletes.

Hippolyte is excited for the congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to discovering new horizons and meeting new leaders to increase his radius of influence and acquire new experience. He is excited to meet new partners with a view to strengthen and innovate his region in terms of best practices.

Hippolyte is a taking an improvement course through a company. Aside from Special Olympics, Hippolyte is in a judo club where he holds the position of master for the minimal category. He is also in a computer club for sharing experiences.

Hippolyte says that being an Athlete Leader means having the ability to positively influence his team and to motivate himself and to concern himself with the problems of the team.

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