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Jimmy Masina, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Jimmy Masina

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Nhlanhla (Jimmy) Masina is an athlete from Special Olympics South Africa in the Africa Region who has been involved with Special Olympics since the 1990s. Jimmy participates in floor hockey, futsal, and bocce.

Jimmy’s favorite parts about Special Olympics are numerous and include: sport development, training, and competition, officiating sports, as well as health assessments/screenings/treatment and leadership opportunities given to people with intellectual disabilities.

Jimmy is excited for the Congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to the opportunity to learn from other leaders as well as the chance to share experiences to help other leaders. Jimmy is excited about the strategic plans that will be outlined and discussed for athlete leadership. He is eager to finally have major global summer sport competitions. Jimmy is also excited to see female athletes being well represented in the competitions and sport quotas.

Jimmy is employed as an Office Assistant with Special Olympics Africa. When Jimmy isn’t working or competing, he enjoys community building to help people with special needs appreciate and love who they are. He also provides guidance on the schools available for parents to choose for their children with special needs. Jimmy invites and mobilizes older athletes in his community to attend and learn from family health forums and screenings arranged by Special Olympics and to become volunteers. Jimmy also paints walls and installs ceiling and lighting.

Jimmy says that being an athlete leader means that he has a role to play. As an Athlete Leader, he feels empowered and included and that he belongs to the society. Being an Athlete Leader means he is acknowledged, developing, and growing. He says that as an Athlete Leader there is a level of trust in his capabilities and abilities to lead. Being an athlete leader taught him that it is not only about him, but about many other fellow athletes as well.

Project Description

Jimmy’s project plan is to train floor hockey coaches and unified officials. To do this he will target schools and centers with 2 athletes per school or center for a total of 10 athlete leaders.

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