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Victor Umeh, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Victor Umeh

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Victor Umeh is an athlete from Special Olympics Nigeria in the Africa Region who has been invovled with Special Olympics since 2018. Victor participates in football.

Victor’s favorite part about Special Olympics is the motivation and happiness it gives him.

Victor is excited for the Congress in Berlin. He says that the Congress will be awesome and present a great opportunity for him to meet new people and learn from them. Victor is also looking forward to having fun and a really great time.

Victor is an undergraduate student. When Victor isn’t studying or competing, he enjoys playing football, drawing, and watching football matches. He also likes practicing his football skills and engaging in personal training.

Victor says that being an Athlete Leader means advocating for fellow athletes who have been isolated from society by promoting inclusion movement.

Project Description

Victor’s plan is to influence a change in the perception of people with Intellectual Disabilities and will check conscious and unconscious bias against them in society thereby fostering inclusion while reducing discrimination. The objective will be achieved by organizing a three-day workshop to train Athlete Leaders, and Unified Partners including six previously trained Special Olympics Nigeria coaches. Twenty community members will become Inclusion Ambassadors by participating in vital conversations related to discrimination, inclusion, and diversity with the aim of creating awareness and correcting wrong assumptions about people with Intellectual Disabilities and by doing so, eradicate implicit biases against them.

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