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Nada Al Rachid

Global Athlete Input Council

Nada Al Rachid is from Tunisia. She works as a sport coach in “AL Walid Sports Center” for people with Intellectual Disabilities, in Ariana, Tunisia. Prior to her experience with Special Olympics, Nada has been a trainee in “AL Walid Sports Center” for people with Intellectual Disabilities which offered her the opportunity to join Special Olympics and make a wide variety of sports achievements both at the National and International levels. Thanks to her experience, Nada is now inspiring other people to follow her lead through her work as a trainer and her close relationship with the children in whom she sees hope.

In her free time, Nada is a keen singer and has participated in different music events notably two live concerts at the National Tunisian Theatre. Nada is eager to participate in the GAIC in order to emphasize on human capacity to vanquish any kind of obstacles with hard work and determination.

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