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Anca Oprea, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

Anca Oprea

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Anca is a 23-year-old support teacher in a school in Arad, Romania. She has been involved with Special Olympics for 9 years as a volunteer and for 2 years as a member of a Youth Leadership Unified Team. Since January 2021, Anca and her sister Mara have been a part of the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Leadership Council. Within her work with Special Olympics, Anca got the chance to implement a project in her community, to attend Special Olympics Europe Eurasia events such as summits and roundtables, and above all, to meet wonderful people. Every activity she took a part in opened doors to other even greater opportunities she didn’t even think were possible.

Anca is honored to be part of the Global Youth Leadership Council because she is gaining the opportunity to develop educational programs for Youth Leaders around the world, an important goal for her. She feels proud to promote inclusion and feels that all her work within this council can make a difference in the world. More than that, she is very grateful because she gets to share every moment with her sister. Anca is a leader of the Unified Generation because she believes that with the proper help and by working together, everyone can reach their full potential.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023