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Daniela Luna Garcia, Special Olympics Latin America.

Daniela Luna García

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Daniela is a 23-year-old from Mexico City and currently works as a Community Manager.

Prior to graduating with a degree in Communication Science from University, Daniela wanted to find a way to serve her community. She wanted to find an organization that shared the same values as she did. Through her community she found Special Olympics and has been a volunteer and a Youth Leader ever since.

Daniela believes that being part of the Global Youth Leadership Council means lending her voice to bring about change in society. She has always believed that young people need to be heard to accomplish amazing changes that positively impact society.

Daniela is a leader of the Unified Generation because she trusts in the leadership of every young person, in their commitment, dedication, and values. Daniela believes in the power of the togetherness.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023