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Tali Nasser El Husseini, Special Olympics Middle EastNorth Africa.

Tali Nasser El Husseini

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Tali is an 18-year-old from Lebanon studying Business Administration at the American University of Beirut. She has been volunteering with Special Olympics Lebanon (SOL) from an early age. The reason for her early involvement with SOL is that her father funded the program in Lebanon. Tali joined various program activities, both sporting and non-sporting, to foster inclusion among individuals with and without intellectual disabilities.

In July 2021 SOL was selected to work on inclusive school project supported by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) under the slogan “Play Unified Learn Unified.” Tali joined the team. Her role in this project is to ask and encourage schools to be more inclusive through Unified Sports and Unified Champion Schools programming. The aim of these programs is to invite youth with and without ID to be more open to differences, to accept them and celebrate them.

Tali was really surprised (positively) when she was selected to join the GYLC. It is something that she is very proud of. Tali is a leader of the Unified Generation because she believes in Special Olympics initiatives that bring people together, break down barriers and combat stereotyping spread among her generation.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023