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Simran Sahni, Special Olympics Asia Pacific

Simran Sahni

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Simran is a 23-year-old social activist pursuing her fellowship with Teach For India. Currently, Simran teaches 60 students in a low-income government school and strives to shape them into more aware and inclusive citizens. She has worked with several NPOs and NGOs supporting different SDGs like gender equality, education, inclusion, environment, and mental health. Simran has worked at Special Olympics for the past 5 years, aiming to build an inclusive world. Simran advises the Special Olympics Asia Pacific's Youth Input Council. The Council is comprised of young individuals who are devoted to building inclusive habits in their generation. She believes in the power of inclusion and in practicing empathy and respect to make the world a better place.

Simran is a leader of the Unified Generation because she strongly believes that the world will be a better place if all people are kind, accepting, and respectful. She wants everyone to experience the joy of living in harmony and believes in accepting everyone as they are instead of how we might want them to be.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023