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Rougina El Sayegh, Special Olympics Middle EastNorth Africa.

Rougina El Sayegh

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Rougina is a 23-year-old rom Lebanon. She is a student at Shemlan social institution| Dar Al Aytam. She has worked with Special Olympics Lebanon for 13 years as an athlete playing basketball and football. She has attended various SOL sporting and non-sporting events, the most recent one being a virtual yoga session designed to promote athletes’ social and emotional wellbeing because of the pandemic. Rougina recently attended a physical training on how to become a health messenger to spread awareness among her peers on the importance of living a healthy, fit life.

Rougina is so proud and happy to be joining the Global Youth leadership Council. She knows that she will learn a lot from the council members and share with them what she knows in a positive, fruitful way. Rougina is a leader of the Unified Generation because she believes in decency, inclusion, and respect for all, no matter what.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023