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Mara Oprea, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

Mara Oprea

Global Youth Leadership Council Member

Mara is a 20-year-old from Arad, Romania. Mara just graduated high school and she loves dancing, swimming and making new friends. She has been involved with Special Olympics for 11 years as an athlete. Mara has competed in swimming in many regional, national and international Special Olympics games. In the last 2 years, she became a member of a Youth Leadership Unified Team and since January 2021, along with her sister, she joined the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Leadership Council. Through her work with Special Olympics, Mara implemented a project in her community and got the opportunity to attend Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Youth Leadership events. She was also able to make new amazing friends!

Mara is very proud to be part of the Global Youth Leadership Council. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from people from all over the world. Mara is very happy that she gets to work with her sister, Anca. She believes inclusion is extremely important and it should be part of everybody’s life. She plans to spread awareness about inclusion through her work in the Global Youth Leadership Council. Mara is a leader of the Unified Generation because she believes diversity is part of all of our lives and we should all embrace it.

Global Youth Leadership Council Class of 2022 – 2023