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A Truly Inclusive Education

Jahoska and Tiffany look to increase the number of inclusive schools in their community!

Odessa Unified Champions: Differences = Strengths

Through their project, Josie and Amberlynn aim to make their school a Unified Champion School as well as educate young people in their community on the topic of inclusion.

Our Unified Society is Advanced

Lujin and Laila, Youth Leaders from Special Olympics Egypt, will promote in inclusion by hosting Special Olympics workshops at schools across the region.

Unified Games Club

Ilitay and Perizat are developing a Unified Games Club in their community where young people from both typical and special schools can come together and play Unified games.

Hearts Beating As One

Pelinsu will unite members of her community, students and athletes, who attend several Unified Schools in her region through Unified sporting events.

Tee off for Inclusion

Tesa and Brooke are executing a campaign called "Tee off for Inclusion" to encourage youth in their community to get involved with the Special Olympics and Unified Sports clubs at their schools and also get some new ones established.

Read Across the Classroom (RAC)

Austin and Natalie hope to educate youth in their local elementary schools on the topics of disability and inclusion.

Increasing Special Olympics Kenya Reach in Nandi County

Nicholas and Collins want to drive recruitment of Unified Schools in their community by hosting Unified Sports Days.

Strong College Representation at NIRSA Nationals

Wade is hoping to grow the impact and presence of Special Olympics on his college campus through intramural sports.

Inclusion Cup

Orgen is a Special Olympics Albania Youth Leader and he is hosting an event called Inclusion Cup at his local school.