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Maryam Ahmad Thyab, Special Olympics Athlete, Kuwait and Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger

Maryam Ahmad Thyab

Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger

Maryam is a 22-year-old athlete leader from Kuwait. She made her debut in Special Olympics in 2018, when she competed in the 9th Regional Games of Special Olympics in the Middle East and North Africa. She was one of the sports leaders active on the ground as a resident of the Games, and her work had a major impact on the region's preparations for the 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi. She feels her life has changed since then and Special Olympics has given her the opportunity to express herself, speak her view, and share her hopes for a better future.

As an athlete, she loves bocce, athletics, swimming, basketball, and equestrian. However, bocce is her favorite.

Maryam uses her strong personality to passionately spread awareness, promote inclusion, and drive change in her community. As a Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger, she is outspoken and observes how she can transform ideas into positive actions to end discrimination and bad attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities. It is a meditation on an inclusive world that leaves no one behind. To help achieve this, Maryam will advocate for inclusion in schools, clubs, malls, and the media as she is eager to help end bullying and stop the use the word disabled people. She believes that the unified sport of Special Olympics is the gateway to inclusion.

Maryam competed in the Sixth World Championships in Athletics for Persons with Down Syndrome in the Czech Republic 2022 as a shot putter and a fast walker participant.

Maryam describes herself in her own words: "I am a leader; I am strong, and I have passion and ambition. My mental handicap is a force that enables me to overcome obstacles and reach goals and achieve achievements." She credits her success to her parents' strong support.

When not exercising, Maryam enjoys spreading community awareness about all issues of people with disabilities through her own page on Instagram. Additionally, she uses in positive energy programs to increase motivation to reach goals through activities such as a program on recycling, cooking, and making products free of harmful materials. The healthy portfolio is suitable for athletes and others to have a healthy and active lifestyle so that they can enjoy excellent physical health that qualifies them to practice their sporting activities.

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