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Adam Hammer smiling in front of a backdrop of the Special Olympics logo.

Adam Hammer

Health Messenger

Adam Hammer, known by fellow athletes as Ádi, has been a Special Olympics Hungary athlete since 2009 when he learned about the performance of local athletes returning home from the Winter Games on television. He started training right away. The next year, Ádi won a gold medal in bowling at the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia (SOEE) Regional Games in Poland and then again in 2011 in the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens.

Bowling is now a hobby. He plays basketball and is a track and field athlete, earning gold medals at National Games.

Ádi is now is a proud athlete leader and Athlete Input Council member for SOEE. Ádi’s foremost concern is health. He promotes his family, equal access to health, fitness and an independent responsible life. He credits his caring and protective family as a great support system.

Ádi has two exclusive projects to show the world how responsible and independent people with intellectual disabilities can be: a cooperation with the National Ambulance Services to train athletes in basic revival and first aid skills, and an assertiveness training where everyday life skills are taught. Furthermore, he has been helping his mother’s work as Special Olympics Hungary’s Family Program Coordinator.

Ádi lives independently with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

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