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Yi-Hsuan Tseng holding up two gold and one bronze medal.

Yi-Hsuan Tseng

Health Messenger

Three-time gold medal winner, Yi-Hsuan Tseng or 曾怡瑄, who goes by Peggy, is no stranger to pushing herself to compete at her best. As a two-time World Games competitor and five-time medal winner in swimming and track and field, Peggy consistently demonstrates her commitment. But that’s not all. She recently took up roller skating and looks forward to practice each week held by Special Olympics Chinese Taipei.

Peggy shares, “Exercising makes me healthy and help me be positive. What’s more, it gives me a chance to make new friends everywhere.”

“[As a] health messenger, I will not only share my experience in exercise, but also exert my influence to promote the significance of exercising. I will strive to help events associated with health like opening regular sport classes, promoting healthy diets, and holding health seminars. Now, in my own life, besides exercising four to five times a week, one hour each time, I avoid high-fat foods and eat more natural food. Also, I don’t stay up late and keep good habits as much as I can. I want to be a health messenger to spread the importance and benefit of regular exercise so that people like me can be more aware of their health and get to love to exercise.”

Peggy not only promotes healthy living in her daily live as an athlete and health messenger, but she also is a student, studying long-term care in the Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology. She also recently became certified as a nursing assistant.

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