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Raluca Ioana Avram smiling while she is in the kitchen preparing a dish.

Raluca Ioana Avram

Health Messenger

Raluca Ioana Avram, or Ralu, entered the Special Olympics family in 2011. She participated at the Special Olympics Romania National Games in Bucharest and has not stopped since. In 2013 she was chosen to participate at the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Korea, which made her very happy. Ralu also went to Lithuania and to Austria to participate in the Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Athlete Leader Health and Fitness workshops.

Raluca became a Health Messenger because of her passion to compete and to eat healthy. As a Health Messenger she decided that it is important to live an authentic, healthy lifestyle to be a good role model to her fellow athletes.

In order to stay healthy, Raluca advises others to eat fresh, nutritious food and well-washed vegetables and fruits. Raluca likes to make her own tasty, colorful, fresh salads.

Her message to health care providers and people working in the health sector is that a disability might be a state of a person with some limitations, but nevertheless everybody must be understood and accepted equally.

In her everyday life, Raluca works at a supermarket and she loves dancing, painting, cooking and taking ballet lessons.

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