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Beth Donahue

Health Messenger

Beth Donahue knows she is an example of what someone can accomplish when they play sports and have a community to support them. Beth has quite the résumé. Her background includes working with professional sports organizations to promote health, leading adaptive bootcamp and Zumba classes, presenting to thousands at a national sports conference, and training nationally-competing athletes.

A year-round athlete of 21 years, Beth currently competes in soccer, skiing, track and field, and softball with Special Olympics. Becoming a Health Messenger gave Beth a platform to help other athletes achieve their own health and fitness goals and truly embody the spirit of inclusion, community, and leadership. Beth sees herself as a role model, and it is her ambition to help others find their voice and continue the drive to build inclusion and awareness in health and fitness.

“Playing sports has helped shape the way others see me, the way I see myself, and my ability to have an impact on the world around me,” she shares.

In addition, Beth has completed a Transitional Scholars program at Mass Bay Community College. She also works two jobs, runs three to five miles several times a week, volunteers on a local Human Rights council, and enjoys living independently in her own apartment.

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