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Kisha Morgan smiling in a selfie.

Kisha Morgan

Health Messenger

Kisha Morgan is a Health Messenger who leads by example, walking seven days a week and incorporating a mix of high-intensity interval training, strength conditioning, core strengthening and yoga into her workouts. A Special Olympics athlete since 2013, Kisha currently participates in basketball, track, bowling, equestrian and softball.

Kisha become a Health Messenger because she wanted to empower and educate others to be healthy. Since being trained, she has visited her state-level lawmakers and connected with members of the legislature in her home state of Mississippi about the importance of inclusive health. Additionally, she connects with local community members and companies about being healthy.

Kisha has a wealth of knowledge about living healthy and shares tips across a range of topics. One that she encourages health care providers to practice is to treat people with intellectual disabilities as a “whole person.”

When Kisha is not involved with Special Olympics or exercising, you may find her working in a medical records department for a care facility. A 16-year employee, Kisha serves on a committee that identifies ideas to help the residents practice healthy lifestyles.

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