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Emma Broyles Miss America 2022

Emma Broyles

Global Ambassador

Emma has spent over half of her life advocating for people with intellectual disabilities through her work with Special Olympics Alaska. Her older brother, Brendan, has Down syndrome and is a source of inspiration for her. When Brendan became a Special Olympics athlete, Emma attended practice with him. She grew up learning from those who are unlike her, allowing her to develop an understanding of the importance of inclusion and empathy. This understanding is what drove her to continue her involvement through Partners Club, a school program through Special Olympics Alaska. Serving as co-president, she had the chance to see relationships bloom between students with and without intellectual disabilities. She realized the significance in teaching students about inclusion and equipping them with the necessary tools to be leaders of social change in their communities. As Miss America 2022, Emma strived to spread the message of inclusion, working closely with Special Olympics school programs in her hometown and throughout the U.S. Emma was honored to have a national platform to help spread the outreach of Special Olympics and promote inclusion, giving back to an organization that means so much to her family.

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