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Hidetoshi Nakata, Special Olympics Global Ambassador

Hidetoshi Nakata

Global Ambassador

Hidetoshi Nakata is a former Japanese professional footballer. Born in 1977. Played in two Olympics and played in three World Cups.

After retiring in 2006 and traveling the world, he became aware of the many social and environmental issues that are affecting our communities and the planet. In order to help individuals, solve these problems, he established the TAKE ACTION FOUNDATION in 2009.

He has spent the last seven years traveling throughout Japan, during which time Nakata has become deeply knowledgeable about Japanese culture and customs. Inspired by what he had learned, he launched the Revalue Nippon Project which aims to support all dimensions of traditional Japanese culture, crafts, agriculture and sake brewing. He established JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY in 2015, to promote the appeal, the excellence and the unique aspects of sake.

In 2014, he was presented with the 2014 Golden Foot Award for lifetime achievement awards for legendary football players. In 2017, He was a member of Football Panel Advisory for the International Football Association Board. As an active philanthropist and humanitarian, Nakata continually develops and provides opportunities to promote Japan’s unique culture, crafts and talented artisans to the world.

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