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Mack Hollins, NFL Player, Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver

Mack Hollins

Global Ambassador

Mack recently joined the Atlanta Falcons during the 2023 off season after coming off of a career high year with the Las Vegas Raiders. Prior to his year as a Captain with the Raiders, Mack spent two seasons with the Miami Dolphins (one year as captain) and 3 years with the Philadelphia Eagles including being a major part of the Eagles Super Bowl Championship team in 2018.

Mack was a walk-on at UNC and has always carried a passion for education and literacy. He started "Mack Book Mondays" and "Fast Fact Fridays" to help drive accessibility to education, especially in underserved populations.

One of Mack’s greatest passions lays in his work with the Special Olympics. As an advocate for inclusion, Mack began his involvement with the Special Olympics back in his UNC days. He was honored with the title of “Global Ambassador” for Special Olympics in 2020 and has continued to dedicate his time off the field to advocating and serving the Mission. Mack’s passion has allowed him to lead every team his played for in community hours.

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